Recruitment and Selection

We at Prologue Consulting seek to deliver recruitment services in a fast and efficient manner at all times, making sure that the process of hiring is made simpler for the client. This is due to our consistent and streamlined method of recruitment which is aimed at providing ‘value for money’.

Employee Relations

We facilitate the management of effective working relationships through: development of best practice Employee Relations policies; Employment Equity planning and evaluation. We also facilitate relations between Management and Trade unions.

Human Resources

We facilitate an integrated approach to Human Resource Management by: reviewing policies and procedures; developing customized solutions (policies and procedures); facilitating the alignment of HR organizations strategy and compliance to legislation.

Skills Development

We support organisations in the implementation of key legislation governing Human Resources Development, facilitation of Learnership and Internship implementation support, monitoring and evaluation; skills development facilitation; compilation of workplace skills plans; compilation of Employment Equity reports as well as conducting skills audits.

Performance Management System

We support and partner with our clients to become a high performer by facilitating, designing, developing, implementing and monitoring performance management systems. We also facilitate the development and design of job profiles and performance contracts.

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About Us

Prologue Consulting was founded in 2015; however the resources within the company have been in the Human Resources industry for more than 10 years and have experience in recruiting both nationally and internationally across different fields within the generalist and specialist spectrum. We have a rich extensive network and recruitment portals through affiliations which enables us to recruit nationally and abroad. Partnered with Talent Solutions Organizations in rendering recruitment services and to better understand the current trends in Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding both nationally and internationally. At Prologue Consulting our Value Proposition is building on-going, long-term relationships with our clients through the following initiatives:

  • Reducing management time spent hiring
  • Improving the quality of new employees who will improve productivity
  • Enabling succession planning
  • Improving the employer brand

Our Philosophy

Strategic partnership with the client and lines of business through understanding the business model of the client as well as understanding and meeting their business needs which has the following benefits.

  • A cost saving benefit for the client
  • Ensures better allocation of internal resources
  • Eliminates the impact of the absence of internal HR resources to perform a recruitment function

Working on behalf of the client and operating as the client’s recruitment department as well as promoting the client organization’s brand identity. We aim to recruit the best talent who are not just qualified to do the job, but also fit into the organizational culture as we understand that attracting, developing and retaining the best talent is paramount to the business more so today than ever before. We offer value added services such as continuous monitoring of the talent placed in the role as we do not subscribe to a one-and-done business process; however, we understand that it takes support and nurturing of the talent to produce great results. Our value added service also includes offering market insights and human capital recommendations. We comply with Labour Laws as outlined in the Labour Relations Act as well as Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) requirements.

Our Values

Our Mission

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